Top 1000 baby sleeping tips!

Did you read the number 1000? Or did you just see the words?

Either way, you clicked on this blog because you are needing Baby sleep advice but it seems that everything you read is either rubbish, vague or completely irrelevant to you and your situation.
Do you want to know why?
Because they are not written about YOUR child! I know after reading this, it’s quite likely that you’ll keep on searching for the 1 in 1000 that might just work.
So I wanted to show you why these “TIPS” don’t work.

  1. Tips are based on general advice from someone that wishes you to pay for the full advice

  2. Tips are based on specific advice for A specific child that is not yours!

  3. If you went to the betting office and asked for a TIP on who would win the race, you’ll get that person’s opinion. Not only may you lose, but you’ll find yourself set back even further most likely!

There’s a host of factors that need to be considered for YOUR child before attempting “Tips”

  • Age

  • Sleeping environment

  • Other commitments e.g. other child(ren)

  • Growth and development

  • Dietary intake/special needs

  • Reflux/ colic management

  • Care arrangements i.e. does she attend day-care or visit Dad on weekends

  • Room temperature

  • Bedding

  • Teething

  • Sleep associations

  • Sleep routines

  • Childs personality

  • Parenting beliefs

Oh, good lord! The list just keeps going!
So why do we keep on searching? It’s because WE NEED SLEEP!!!! Your baby needs sleep and so do you!
let me ask you this.
When your child is sick, who do you seek advice from? You might do a quick google but end up bringing them to a Dr right?
When your child is teething, you might do a quick internet search then go to the pharmacy or your naturopath.
When your child isn’t meeting their developmental milestones, you take them to a physio/Chiro etc
When your child has a toothache, you take them to a dentist.
When your child is ready to learn, you take them to school.exhausted mum

But when your child needs sleep for their physical, mental and emotional health. When they need sleep for growth and repair of their cells. When THEY need sleep and not just you, do you spend days, weeks, months and even years searching the internet for that 1 in 1000 “TIP” that may or may not work?
I know why. You have every reason under the sun why! I know, I was there too. For me it was:

  1. The reluctance to ask for help

  2. Cost (that’s no excuse with our services!)

  3. You see it as admitting failure

  4. Your partner will think less of you as a Mum for his child (it’s true! I thought that!)

  5. You don’t trust a stranger to tell you what to do with your child

  6. Your friend used a “sleep trainer” and she was terrible. (we’re not all the same!)

  7. Maybe it will just pass. Maybe it is just a phase. Maybe when the tooth comes through it will settle down. Maybe it’s because it’s too dark in his room. Maybe it’s too light in his room. Maybe he needs a dummy. Maybe the dummy is keeping him awake. Etc.

Why do you think The Goodnight Nurse service exists?
Because we know what it’s like to be going through what you are going through!
And because when you finally realise that all the internet searching isn’t going to help, we are here to hold your hand and guide you through it in a way that suits you and your family.

Just STOP and have a think about all the hours you’ve spent in front of your computer, on your phone or on your tablet googling for that 1 in 1000 tip. The one that’s going to SAVE you. That’s time lost from your family, friends and your sleep! That’s time you will NEVER get back.
I’ve heard it over and over again from families I’ve helped. “Why didn’t I do this sooner?”

This is not a sales pitch, but I want you to get on google! Only this time I want you to search for someone (not something) that you can call to help YOU and not just give you tips! Yes this means you will most likely have to part with some money but with the time, energy and heartache you save, think of how much more you’ll be able to do in a weeks’ time when you and your baby are getting quality sleep!

Think of how much more your baby will be able to do when they start getting the sleep that they need!
It doesn’t have to cost the earth! But don’t let it cost you the health of you and your child!

Happy googling!
Emma Pollard
The Goodnight Nurse