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“Having struggled for two years, with two terrible sleepers, the question still remains; why hadn’t we got the Goodnight Nurse around to our house earlier! It’s the only regret we have, that we didn’t get in touch straight away when it became obvious that getting two young children to sleep wasn’t easy. Emma came in and straight away made a difference. Her methods work and they work quickly. She offers a no-nonsense, straight to the point approach,… mixed with her sense of humor and a been-there-done-it attitude. We used to battle to get them to sleep and then be up at all hours trying to resettle our two boys. Not any more! Bedtime is a pleasure, there is beautiful silence when we close the door, turn out the light and say goodnight to our two boys. They sleep through the night (something I thought was impossible for one of ours) and our mornings are now calmer and relaxed. Having the time back, as adults, in the evenings is priceless. Drifting off to sleep ourselves knowing that we will actually get some sleep is bliss! The Goodnight Nurse knows what she’s doing. We can’t recommend her service enough. One final word…Thank you.”

Jo, Busselton

“I woke my baby today (21mths) from his 3.5hr sleep. I was talking to my husband at the samanthatime who had just finished work for the day (FIFO 4/1) and the cheeky bugger turnedaround to me and said. WHY DIDNT WE DO THIS SOONER! We went from having a Bubthat never slept over night to within 3 days sleeping right through. I spent the first week with to much sleep. Thank you Emma and Stacey you guys are amazing”

Samantha, WA

“I would like to firstly say thank you so much. I had a little 10 week old baby that was allergic to sleep! Emma came in and not only helped with teaching us gentle techniques to help him sleep. She also picked up on his silent reflux and I later had him diagnosed.What a change that made!My baby who wouldn’t sleep more than 30 minutes in the day. Was having two hour day sleeps and sleeping better at night.As he has grown his sleeping needs have changed and I came across a hurdle. Again Emma was there and happily came over to give me advice and peace of mind. This was just out of kindness to help me! She didn’t have to do this and it blew me away. She has continued to be of support if I’ve had any questions or concerns. I couldn’t recommend The Goodnight Nurse enough. Thank you so much. X”


“I’d just like to share my experience with The Goodnight Nurse or as my husband describes her ‘The Super Nanny’.
My gorgeous little boy Jaxon completed our already family of 4. And as my third, I thought I had everything covered, and I did, up until he turned 8 weeks then everything went downhill……….He stopped sleeping during the night and started waking every other hour. I was having to get up to him between 10 – 15 times a night and the only way I could get him to sleep a solid 2hrs was to feed him.photo (4) (1)
Now with a husband that does FIFO 4 weeks away and two other children under 5, my cracks were starting to show as sleep deprivation set in. I tried to persevere, but just found myself slipping into depression. I did nothing but yell and cry.
After a really bad week my girlfriend suggested I tried the Goodnight Nurse. I rang & emailed Emma Pollard. When Emma replied she apologised as she couldn’t get to me for 3 nights!!! I laughed as I’d put up with it for 4 months, 3 nights was not a problem.
Emma was fantastic. She came to my house, we sat down and it was like talking to an old girlfriend. She didn’t make me feel uncomfortable or intimidate me, she just went through my routine and offered some fantastic advice. We discussed what Jaxon was doing and his different cry’s.
The first night was difficult, as both Jaxon & I learnt what we both needed to do to allow sleep to come back into our household. I remember thinking the next day “is this really going to work?”
But by the second night I could see the light! He only called out once, very briefly and slept until 8am the next day! I couldn’t believe it, it was a miracle. Then by the third night -WOW! He was averaging 13 hrs a night. Was this really my baby??
It has now been 2 weeks and Jaxon is still doing 12 hrs a night. No calling out, no resettling and most of all no feeds during the night.
I don’t know how to thank Emma, she not only helped Jaxon & I get get some sleep but she also gave my other two children their mother back and my husband a happy wife to return home to ”


“When our first daughter Isabelle was born I thought I had hit the jackpot… She was sleeping long stretches from just a few weeks old… Even sleeping through every now and then. When she reached 5 months old she all the sudden refused the dummy and would unswaddle herself at night but could not settle with out being swaddled. Every night was worse and worse… By 10 months old I was basically feeding her all night long and spending up to 2 hours to get her to sleep screaming in my arms every night only for her to wake up 2photo (4) (1) hours later. We had resorted to co sleeping in the spare room in a attempt to get more sleep but even this was not working. I was going to work 4 days a week on just a couple of hours broken sleep. I remember getting so angry one night that I slammed her bedroom door so hard it sounded like every window in our house shattered (and scared my husband to death). I knew I had to do something… Soon after a friend recommended the goodnight nurse. Emma got back to me quickly and was able to do a phone consult in one weeks time… I counted down those days like all my christmas’ were coming at once. When Emma called for our consult I felt like I was talking to a old friend and I knew everything was going to be ok from there. We adjusted our bedtime routine and followed everything Emma told us to do… First night she woke a few times, Second night twice, Third night once and forth night she sleep through – What a difference! Emma gave us the confidence that we were not harming our child by teaching her to sleep. We felt like new people… We were getting sleep and able to spend time together like a normal couple at night. Isabelle was also a new child – no longer over tired and cranky all day long. Fast forward to Isabelle turning two… Although she was sleeping fine at night… She had turned into a terrible two. I knew some of the things she was doing were normal… But I also knew the tantrums that lasted 20 mins which included her kicking me and biting herself were extreme. She would never listen to me EVER and had started to hurt her little brother. With a hubby who works away I felt like I could no longer leave the house with our two children because she was so hard to manage often putting herself or her brother in potentially dangerous situations. So again I got in touch with Emma for some guidance. We are now day 6 after consult and we can already see massive differences in Isabelle. She now majority of the time just needs a warning or two and she will stop what she is doing. We were totally tantrum free yesterday!! With Emma’s techniques I am able to defuse the situation before she loses the plot. Isabelle is now also tasting new food – she used to refuse to even try a vegetable… Throwing them on the floor ‘yuck!’. Last night she ate a pea and she was so excited to show me. Never thought seeing my child eat one pea would make me so happy haha.
Emma you are amazing! I think that fact that you are a Mum yourself and can relate to everything we are going through makes it so easy to talk to you – your brilliant sense of humor helps too. We can’t thank you enough for all your help. We will continue to recommend you to all our tired friends x”


“I can highly recommend the advice of The Goodnight Nurse!! She gave me the ammo I needed to sort out Miss 2 who COULD sleep through but wasn’t doing it the majority of the nights, and was fighting for an hour to settle at bedtime. Now she’s in bed and asleep with no resistance, and sleeps though the night. Thankyou, from an ex-sleep deprived, frustrated Mum. Love your work, The Goodnight Nurse – Solving Baby Sleep Problems!”


“Thank you so much for your help with our beautiful 16 month old daughter. We were having some issues with hair pulling and tantrums, within days of using your techniques we have found our daughter is verbalising more, the tantrums are practically non –existent, the hair pulling is at a minimum and as an added bonus our darling girl is taking herself off to bed at night and sleeping 13 hours straight!We are thrilled that we have a very happy, confident little girl who is amazing us daily with what she can do. I won’t hesitate to recommend or use you again.”