Teething doesn’t affect sleep…. What a load of S*#T!

Just ask any mum with a teething baby and they will tell you!
I’m pretty sure that anyone that claims that teething doesn’t affect a child’s ability to sleep through the night is either delusional or not a parent!

Let’s face it, if you felt something sharp poking at your gums all night, wouldn’t you be up moaning about it?!
So what is teething? Well, it’s getting teeth of course. But how does it work? Why do the teeth take so long to come through? Well you see, the teeth don’t just come down and pop through. Nooooo, that’d be too easy. They play peekaboo! They take 2 steps forward and one step back until they pop through the gums. So you weren’t hallucinating from tiredness when you’re convinced you seen a little white bit and then it was gone again the next day. It was there. It was just playing peekaboo.

Teething can start from as young as a few months old and continues to be a pain in the arse (and gums) until those final big molars turn up just in time for the beginning of terrible twos! Oh Joy!!!

Some babies never show any signs of teething apart from the occasional drool and chew while others will have a waterfall spilling out their faces, cheeks red like beetroot and will latch on with their gums to anything that comes within arm’s reach! And what about that crankiness! Holy Moley!!

I had one of each. My first was great with teething. I didn’t notice a thing until I thought I’d have a feel one day and the little bugger clamped down on my little fingernail between his newly erupted bottom tooth and titanium upper gums! My second however was a complete nightmare.
She drooled and frothed at the mouth like a dog with rabies and each time I went to lay her down for a sleep, the ear-piercing scream of fury and and evil would reveal itself. Cracked sore cheeks both on her face and bum and those nappies! Oh. My. Good.Lord. Those nappies! I’ve never smelled anything like it before or since! They are the type of nappies that make your eyes water and nose hairs burn from the vapours!
You will also find that they are feeding more frequently and their Dummy has become a permanent fixture on their face.
So what can you do to help these poor little buggers?
1. Raise the head of the bed a little so their excess mucus drains more freely from their sinuses. This will also decrease the ease of blood flow to the head and help with the swelling.
2. Give them pain relief. Whatever your medication of choice is. I tend to stick with paracetamol but I did have a bottle of Ibuprofen on standby in case things got hairier through the night.
3. Teething gels can be effective for some but a lot of health professionals are advising to try other options first. (Maybe it’s something about putting local anaesthetic inside your child’s mouth???)
4. Teething toys like Sophie the giraffe are great!
5. A damp face washer from the fridge. It has the added benefit of mopping up all that flowing juiciness too.
6. Naturopathic or homeopathic remedies. Didn’t work for my devil child but give ‘em a go.
7. Lots and lots of comfort and cuddles from you or whoever you manage to con into babysitting them!( Hahahaha Suckers!)
8. Some parents swear by amber but I’m not so sure about leaving a necklace on my child overnight. Breathing is good for babies apparently!!! (According to research!)

So, should you stop your current sleep plan while your child is teething?

Generally, I’d say no. But you may want to ease off on progressing further until the worst of this phase is over. You do get a few weeks of reprieve every now and then. If you waited for all your baby’s teeth to pop through before establishing a sleep plan, you’ll be waiting till they’re 2!

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Goodnight to you and your gummy babies!
Emma Pollard
The Goodnight Nurse