Sleep support V Sleep training

Sleep support V Sleep training

As mothers, there is an expectation from ourselves and others (but mostly ourselves), that we are supposed to know what to do when our baby is having sleep issues. (We’re not all given that handbook ladies!!!!) Often we wish we had someone to bounce ideas off or someone we trust to guide us in a new direction to achieve that elusive all–night sleep. For a great number of parents we have helped, coming to one of our workshops was the first step they took in the quest for the Holy Grail.

Attending one of our workshops gives you and your support network an opportunity to learn more about us, the steps and processes involved in helping your child to sleep and techniques needed to teach a child new sleep habits.
Usually, you will walk away from one of these workshops fully equipped with all the ammo you need for your arsenal. You will return home with all the knowledge and confidence you need to blow this no sleeping business right out of the water. For some however, they need that extra help. That’s OK. That’s what we do.

Don’t agree with sleep training?
Well that’s great! Neither do we! Our children aren’t little robots that will comply with the next “update” you wish to install in their bodies! They are human beings with their own way of doing things! Sleep is no different. They will do it their way. Our job it to work out the way to get the best out of your child’s ability and not be led by what the books say!

Time Poor 

Parents with children (especially newborn babies) are time poor. We struggle with baby’s sleep issues, housework, appointments, careers, and have to adjust to a new addition to the family. You might not have the time or resources to commit to a full sleep consultant program for your baby in your home. Attending a sleep workshop for one morning or evening session, may be the better option for you. The Goodnight Nurse workshops discuss a number of different tools, which will benefit your family in the short and long-term.


Budget Issues.

Your family may not be in the financial position to hire one of our Goodnight Angels for a sleep training session at home, which means a workshop is the next best thing. The workshops are available for parents as a resource that covers a range of issues over a short amount of time. The sleep workshops are an effective way to learn the main settling techniques for your baby, should you be on a restricted income. And let’s face it, most of us go down to one income while our babies are little.

We all learn differently. 

Some parents feel a little uncomfortable with other people in their house. A number of the families we help are prepared to pay for one-on-one sessions for that extra personal sleep advice. Other people prefer to go to a workshop on a set morning or night, learn within the relaxed group setting, then go home to put the skills to the test themselves.

Many families prefer a less personal approach to sleep education, which is why we offer varied options for parents in need of our help.

You meet other like-minded sleep deprived parents. 

Attending one of our workshops means that you meet other parents in your community who have similar sleep concerns to your family. You are not alone. The problems may not be exactly the same but it is a comforting feeling to know you are not the only ones in your group who have children with a desire to be awake at all ungodly hours. Sleep deprivation can be isolating, especially if your own mother’s group or playgroup has a number of children who are already able to self-settle.


The Goodnight Nurse services are NOT a one size fit’s all service. We support you with YOUR parenting style and that’s what makes us different!
The Goodnight Nurse’s aim is to help out as many families as we possibly can. That is why we run one-on-one sessions in the home, group workshops in the community, offer online PDF “cheat-sheets” on our website and share our knowledge on local radio. We want to make our sleep skills and experience available to everyone that needs the help.

Have I changed your mind yet? If you are time-poor or your budget doesn’t stretch as far as a home or phone consultation. If you want to get to know us before having a private consultation or you want to meet like-minded parents. If you are skeptical or believe that your child is “unfixable”, attending one of our workshops can provide you and your partner with the simple tools to change your current situation. In many cases, we can change your lives J

See you at the next workshop!

Sleep well, whichever way you choose to do it.
Emma Pollard
The Goodnight Nurse