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Is My baby too young for sleep training?

In short, the answer here is no. Often in the very early months, it’s not the baby that needs the help. Sleep does come naturally to most. Often, it’s parents who need the help with understanding their childrens sleep needs and how to maximize their potential. We assist parents with newborns up to 4 years old.

Will it Work? We’ve tried other techniques and they haven’t…

We have a 97% success rate. Most of our clients have also tried other techniques themselves or through other sleep consultants, that haven’t worked. There’s no “quick fix”. We’re not fixing something that’s broken, were looking at the whole picture. We’re establishing habits that will last well into the future. That’s why our techniques work where others don’t.

My child will be the exception. She’ll be the one you can’t help!

We hear this so many times. You’ve tried so much and invested so much time and money already. What else could there possibly be left?

There’s a technique to suit every parenting style. You’ve just not found yours yet! We will help you find the technique that best suits you and your child/ren . No “one size fit’s all” here ! We will help you implement the technique while holding your hand along the way.

We’re in WA, you're not – What can we do?

We’ve flown far and wide to help families just like yours. However travel costs associated with this can quickly add up to quite unaffordable. For this reason, we find that our phone consultations have been a great solution – we’ve been doing them successfully for years!

Will a phone consultation work as well as a home visit?

The vast majority of our clients have phone consultations with us. Just like you, they were unsure if “it would be enough”. They often say “ we wish we hadn’t worried so much”. We usually recommend a home visit if your child is under 5 months as the techniques we use for them are more practical and hands-on.

So what’s the best option for me? A Phone consultation or home visit?

If your child is under 5 months old, a home visit consultation would be best. For all other families its up to you. Both are equally as successful. It really depends on how you feel about learning over the phone as opposed to face to face. The other factor to consider is the cost. A phone consultation with follow up support for 2 weeks is $335. A home visit with full support starts at $445 excluding travel. We’ve flown internationally to help families overseas and had phone consultations with people who live 5 kms away. It really is up to you and your budget. At the end of the day though, the results are all the same.

My baby has reflux, can you still help?

Yes, if the reflux is under control with medications, there’s no reason your child s sleep should be affected by this.

I’m cautious about sleep training techniques such as controlled crying and cry it out.

And so you should! Techniques such as these can be more detrimental to your child’s physical and mental health than helpful. This is not to say that a bit of a whinge wont be on the cards but we certainly do not let babies become distressed and we do not let babies cry themselves to sleep.

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