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The Up Close and Personal forum is a real game changer for parents needing help with their children’s sleep. Created by mum of 2 and international sleep consultant Emma Pollard, this Facebook based forum provides a combination of sleep techniques that really work with evidence based advice.


This forum guarantees to help every parent become more confident with their parenting approach, learn new helpful strategies and clarify the myths around sleep. The Up Close And Personal forum is more than just any old parenting forum. It’s a space for parents and carers to share their experiences, what works and doesn’t and everything in between. This forum is managed by our child sleep professionals, allowing you to ask unlimited questions, share your thoughts and learn from industry professionals.


But what sets this apart from the rest? Each week, Emma Pollard will be joining us LIVE for two One-Hour Question and Answer sessions!!


Available for twelve month subscription, you will receive full access to the closed Facebook group Up Close and Personal with The Goodnight Nurse


Welcome to the family and BRING ON THE SLEEP!!!!



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