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He punched her in the face. She handled it like a pro!

As my husband and I sat having a snack with our angelically behaved 7-year-old and 12-year-old, you may have felt even more horrible looking at my perfect little family while your toddler was chucking a mega tanty. What I saw is probably quite the opposite to what you felt.

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Help! I think I damaged my baby!

Something that may have damaged her eldest child and caused her to have anxiety problems. Nicola’s daughter is 8 years old and is currently receiving psychological support for her anxiety.

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“I’ll ask Hubby” – How you can get your life back, now!

Well I must admit I was surprised when Emma asked me to write a piece for her blog, but then in a way I was relieved that I could feedback from a ‘partners’ point of view

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I hated my baby and I’m not afraid to say it!

I wanted a baby since I was 21yrs old. My husband and I married when I was just 21 and he was 27. But we were in a new country with no family and only a few friends. Starting new jobs and I was studying to become a Nurse and working as a Nursing Assistant at the same time.

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Today, I bought a homeless man a cup of coffee and I am ashamed of myself

So, what’s this doing on a parenting blog? I hear you ask. Well you see, it is about parenting. Not about setting your kids up for the future so they won’t become homeless. It’s not about the importance of education. It’s not about encouraging your kids to make the most of their lives. You know all that. What this is a bout is US!

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Sleep support V Sleep training

As mothers, there is an expectation from ourselves and others (but mostly ourselves), that we are supposed to know what to do when our baby is having sleep issues. (We’re not all given that handbook ladies!!!!) Often we wish we had someone to bounce ideas off or someone we trust to guide us in a new direction to achieve that elusive all–night sleep.

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The Guilt of a Working Mum

Over the last week, I have been really struggling with a horrible cold/virus thing that’s been doing the rounds. I’ve been absolutely floored by it. It has resulted in me cancelling and rescheduling a LOT of private consultations, rescheduling many meetings a

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Teething doesn’t affect sleep…. What a load of S*#T!

Just ask any mum with a teething baby and they will tell you! I’m pretty sure that anyone that claims that teething doesn’t affect a child’s ability to sleep through the night is either delusional or not a parent!

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What to dress your child in at night

So I will start with my final sentence…. You’re freezing the poor little buggers to death! Well maybe you’re not, but it’s likely you are! I have been asked this question so much over the past few weeks that I’ve decided to kill 2 birds with the one stone.

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10 Signs that You have a baby sleep problem (and not the baby)

1. You’ll become stealth-like with military precision, whilst manoeuvring around the house. The commando crawl out of the child’s room becomes as fluent as a casual stroll down the street.   2. Where you once enjoyed your friends company, you now cringe at the thought of them visiting at nap time.  Especially the one with ...

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Top 1000 baby sleeping tips!

Did you read the number 1000? Or did you just see the words? Either way, you clicked on this blog because you are needing Baby sleep advice but it seems that everything you read is either rubbish, vague or completely irrelevant to you and your situation. Do you want to know why? Because they are ...

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Baby Sleep. The no Bullshit approach.

Hi Supermammas! I’m sorry I haven’t written in a while but I’ve had a heap of shit going on! I had a bloody brilliant time away in NZ with family and a lot time away to think about what I want from my life and from the Goodnight Nurse. As a lot of you may ...

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