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The World Can Be So Unfair Today has shaken me to the core! I am writing this to get it out of my head as much as possible. I sat down for my cuppa as I do every morning before work. I was thinking of the weekend just gone, how much fun, laughter and alcohol I had and how I was fortunate enough to spend it with my wonderful husband and friends. I sat on my
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SPECIAL GUEST POST Parenting With Disabilities: A Long Journey Worth Every Minute Just because you have a disability doesn’t mean you can’t rock the parent train and thrive as a caregiver. Being a parent is tough no matter your physical or mental state but, as a person who’s already overcome adversity, you’ll be ready to face whatever obstacles lie ahead. As a person with a disability, you will likely face many outdated biases and unfair
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He punched her in the face. She handled it like a pro! Dear Mum at the Northbound services yesterday, As my husband and I sat having a snack with our angelically behaved 7-year-old and 12-year-old, you may have felt even more horrible looking at my perfect little family while your toddler was chucking a mega tanty. You see, what I saw is probably quite the opposite to what you felt. You were feeling: Frustrated. Frustrated
Work from home Mum’s, I applaud you!!   It’s hard being a working Mum. There’s a lot of responsibilities and people depending on you. Your clients/colleagues/customers depend on you. Your Children depend on you Your partner depends on you Your house depends on you Fuck, even the dog depends on you. You have a lot that depend on you and sometimes you feel like you have no one that you can depend on. I’m one
Help! I think I damaged my baby! So here’s what happened. On the weekend, I met up with a bunch of crazies for a few drinks. We had a great evening and had lots of laughs. During the evening, “Nicola”, who I know as an acquaintance, came over to chat to me and what she said blew me away! Nicola thanked me for running a successful sleep workshop fundraiser for a local School (she’s on
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