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About The Goodnight Nurse

If you have found us through friends, by reading our articles or searching manically for a solution through Google late at night, you have found yourself in a safe, caring and understanding environment.

At the Goodnight Nurse we pride ourselves on providing services which are in sync with your own family and personal routine; no strict or stressful regimes but easy, educational techniques that allow you to understand your child and hear what they are REALLY saying.

Our lead baby sleep expert, Emma Pollard has an international following and provides in-house and phone consultations as well as her sought after public workshops. Using her own personally developed techniques, she shares with you the knowledge that you need most to get your baby troubles remedied in a matter of days.
The Goodnight Nurse was officially established in 2008 by Emma Pollard.

With a 99.8% success rate you can rest easy knowing that the techniques really WORK and can literally change the lives of the whole family involved. If you think ‘oh its not that bad’ and ‘ it’s just part of having a baby’ well its not! Having a baby is hard enough – you don’t have to endure sleepless or broken sleep nights to be a successful mum, it doesn’t have to be like that. Your baby needs your sanity just as much as you do.

Our Sleep Angels Emma and Stacey have helped countless families regain control. From Newborns to Toddler behavior, we have the techniques that will give you the tools your child will respond to and leaving you both feeling empowered and confident.

Meet Our Lead Sleep Expert
Emma Pollard

Emma was a practicing nurse who was becoming increasingly frustrated at the lack of quality, affordable help in the area of child sleep.
Further frustrations were the “one size fits all” approaches that were practiced by the few that existed.
Things needed to change. Understanding that each family and child is unique, Emma established The Goodnight Nurse to cater for families that didn’t want this one size fits all approach.
The successes that Emma and her team have achieved with families are a result of understanding each families unique needs and tailor making a plan for them.

Meet Our Sleep Angel
Stacey Potter

Hi my name is Stacey and I am a qualified Maternity Nurse with 14 years experience with all aged children.
I moved to the UK from Australia when I was 18 as a Nanny from there I became a qualified Maternity Nurse focusing on newborn babies and also with mothers suffering from postnatal depression. I would provide hands on support, advice and techniques to clients in the comfort of there homes.
For me this is one of the most rewarding jobs helping parents to enjoy parenting.
I have recently moved back to Perth with my 2 girls, Carlicia and Cordelia, where I would like to continue to work alongside parents offering them techniques and support.

“Sleep training means something very different to every family out there” explains Emma. “Families are very unique, so what may have worked for Peter will not necessarily work for Paul. We don’t necessarily sleep train, we sleep coach or sleep promote if you like”.

Our Mission

The Goodnight Nurse aims to reach those that are feeling the pressures of child raising and tell you all that its going to be OK! The techniques we have developed have been proven time and time again and are vital tools that you can pass on to your children when they reach that baby stage in their lives. We aim to inform this generation of women to help their children be the best that they can be and teach useful skills that change the way we raise our babies!

Our Angels aim to spread our workshops and consultations far and wide to reach as many communities as possible. Rural communities, inner city hubs and suburban sprawl – We will go anywhere to assist those groups in need or can otherwise provide one on one consultations over the phone anywhere in the world!

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