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The Goodnight Nurse is the sleep solution you have been looking for! From new borns to toddlers, our techniques are specially crafted to allow parents to gently and effectively aid their children through the sometimes difficult stages of sleep and behavioural problems. Think that you have to live with no sleep because your baby wakes through the night? Think again! International baby sleep expert Emma Pollard has proven that babies should and will sleep through the night. In fact its imperative for their development and self confidence.

*ARE YOU CONFUSED with all the child advice out there?


*ARE YOU CONCERNED about baby sleep training techniques such as controlled crying?


*ARE YOU LOOKING FOR sleep and settling techniques thatREALLY WORK?

The Goodnight Nurse Can Help With:

  • Settling and Resettling
  • Night Walking
  • Sleep potential night and day
  • Sleep Cycles
  • Sleeping Environment
  • Sleepwear
  • Bedtime
  • Pre-sleep Routine
  • Travel and Moving from cot to bed
  • Terrible Two’s
  • Tantrums
  • Most other behavioural issues!

If you are one of the millions of parents out there that are still not getting a sound sleep after baby number one, two or three, then read on!


Sound and often humorous advice from Emma herself and courses to suit all families’ situations and needs.



Child Sleep Consultations

Our child sleep consultations are renowned for saving hundreds of mums and dads sleep! From the comfort of your home, we can provide in-home or over the phone consultations that will get you and your baby happy, confident and sleeping through the night! See which course is right for you.


Group Workshops

We can organise a group workshop in your area! We hold workshops across Australia so look out for our events in a town or city near you!


Shop Accessories

We have a range of helpful tools and child's sleepwear accessories in our online shop.



Caring For Mums Across Australia

Emma Pollard

International child sleep expert, Emma Pollard (the Goodnight Nurse) cares for Mums everywhere and services Western Australia with her in- home consultations!

Know Me 🙂


Hi my name is Stacey and I am a qualified Maternity Nurse with 14 years experience with all aged children. For me this is one of the most rewarding jobs helping parents to enjoy parenting.

Know Me 🙂



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